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About Amy

Ever since becoming a secondary school teacher of Mathematics in 2005 I have loved being in the classroom, inspiring the minds of the amazing students sitting before me.

Having a passion for Maths and being initially motivated by the ‘lost learning’ and staff absences caused by the coronavirus pandemic, I started creating an easy-to-use website for use at Key Stages 3 and 4. This website contains complete lessons, categorised by topic, approximate GCSE grade and tier, each with an accompanying video and worksheet.

My focus is that these lessons can be used, not only by Maths teachers, but also by a whole spectrum of non-specialists to help maximise student progress and minimise staff workload.

Consequently, Teach Us Maths is a website created from a position of extensive experience, with attention to detail, using tried and trusted teaching and learning techniques, for use by teachers, cover teachers, teaching assistants, tutors, parents/carers, and students.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. And look out for the regular updates of new content.

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